Dyeing Chemicals

The quality standards in the textile industry are constantly increasing. Besides level, even dyeings and reproducible color shades textile dyeing also requires good color fastnesses. These can be obtained by optimally adapted dyeing processes and the application of suitable textile auxiliaries.

For safe control of the dyeing processes, you need the suitable machinery and equipment. Beyond that, process control requires the appropriate dyeing auxiliaries. Unfavorable formation of foam or crease marks, but also insufficient wetting of the fibers in the dyeing machines result in unlevel dyeings. Insufficient rinsing or soaping of the dyed fabrics, fibers or yarns as well as an inadequate after-treatment subsequent to dyeing, can lead to unsatisfactory color fastness.

In order to achieve optimal dyeing results, we offer professional consulting service for textile dyeing. Moreover our product range comprises the following product lines for dyeing natural and synthetic fibers like cotton, wool, silk, polyester, polyamide, and polyacrylic:

1) Defoamers

2) Wetting Agents,

3) Deaerating Agents

4) Levelling and Dispersing Agents

5) Crease Inhibitors

6) Buffers

7) After-Treatment Agents

8) Soaping Agents

9) Retarders