All kinds of Staple & Man-made Yarns

UNIVERSAL SOLUTIONS offers the widest range of specialized greige and dyed yarns (NE7/1 to NE80/1) in 100% Cotton, Poly/Cotton ring spun carded/combed & Open End yarn for knitting/weaving and Polyester, Viscose, Modal, Tencel, Coolmax, Bamboo, Acrylic and varieties of blends in single and various Plies.

We offers value added products like Melange, Organic Cotton, Compact, Coro spun Lycra, Slub, Multi count, Gassed mercerized, Fancy yarns, Ramie, Linen and Polyester/Nylon Filament yarn like DTY, FDY and POY knitting and weaving. Also offer all natural fibers yarn in a variety of Wool and blends with Mohair, Alpaca, Possum, Silk, Cashmere and Angora.

To meet our customer requirements we support a wide variety of collections on a regional basis, The options in raw materials are Pakistani cotton, Indian, Brazilian, American, Australian, Pima, Supima, Giza and Organic cotton.

• 100% COTTON YARN RING SPUN, NE7/1~NE80/1 cd/cm for weaving & knitting Single & Plies.

• SIRO YARN, in 100% cotton NE7/1~NE20/1 for weaving Single & Plies.

• SLUB YARN, MULTI COUNT & MULTI TWIST YARN NE7/1 to NE40/1 cd/cm for denim weaving & knitting.

• CORO SPUN YARN, NE7/1~NE60/1 cd/cm with spandex/Lycra 40D/70D.

• POLY/COTTON,P/V & V/C with different blends NE10/1~NE80/1 cd/cm for weaving/knitting Single & Plies.

• COMPACT YARN NE8/1~NE100/1 cd/cm & 20/2~80/2 for towel, knitting & weaving to produce high end products.

• 100% ORGANIC COTTON YARN Ring Spun,NE10/1~NE 60/1 cd/cm 2ply,3ply weaving/knitting.

• OPEN END yarn in 100% virgin cotton, Cotton waste from NE6/1~NE20/1 weaving/knitting Single & Plies.

• GASSED & MERCERIZED yarn NE20/2~NE100/2 cd/cm raw white and dyed.

• MELANGE YARN in ring spun Ne10/1~NE80/1 cd/cm & Open End NE8/1~NE16/1 for knitting & weaving/ sock single & folded in 100%cotton and cotton blends with Polyester / Viscose / Organic/ bamboo/ Model/ Soyabean/ Tencel/ Lyocel /Acrylic etc, We Have Melange SHADE CARD of more than 750 Shades.

• DYED & BLEACHED yarn NE10/1~NE60/1 single & folded on paper cones, dyed cones (5.57 & 4.20).

• 100% POLYESTER (PSY&MVS) Raw white/bright/dyed/Melange knitting/weaving NE10/1~NE60/1 & Plies.

• 100% VISCOSE Raw white/bright /dyed/Melange for knitting/weaving NE10/1~NE60/1 Single & double.

• SEWING THREAD in 100% cotton & 100% polyester raw white and dyed paper/plastic cones NE20/2~50/2.

• POLYESTER EMBROIDERY thread NE 20/2~NE60/2 and 3ply Raw white/dyed.

• MODAL YARN, in 100% Modal and blended NE16/1~NE80/1.

• 100% TENCEL/Lyocell and blended yarn cd/cm NE10/1~NE50/1.

• Antibacterial yarn (alternative to coolmax) in 100% and blended with cotton

• Coolmax yarn in 100% and blended with cotton

• Cotton/PVA Hollow and 0-twist yarns.

• 100% ACRYLIC Regular/high Bulk raw white/dyed NE20/1~NE80/1.

• 100% BAMBOO with blended Cotton/Viscose/Polyester/Tencel/Modal NE0/1~NE50/1 single & Plies.

• 100% LINEN Yarn, & blended Semi-bleached, Natural, long & short fiber NM7.5~NM60/1.

• DTY (Polyester Drawn Textured Yarn) NIM,SIM,HIM in Semi dull/Bright/Tribright/Doped-dyed

• FDY (Polyester Fully Yarn) in Semi dull/Bright/Tribright/Doped-dyed Nylon 6 POY & 66,Nylon Filament yarn (FDY,HOY,12D~300D),Nylon DTY Semi dull/Bright/ Doped dyed single/2ply.